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  1. 1. Find product from
  2. 2. Simply download our Order Form (right click and save target as...), fill in the links of the product with details (color/size/model) as well as quantity and email to us at
  3. 3. We will give you the quote within 1 working day.
  4. 4. After we received the full payment from you, we will purchase the product for you.
  5. 5. While the product reached our warehouse in GuangZhou, China, it will be weighed and measured.
  6. 6. We will inform you the weight of the parcel and international delivery fees you need to pay.
  7. 7. International shipment will made after full payment received from you.
  8. 8. You will receive your parcel within 4-7 working day from the shipment date.

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Our Fee Calculation:

Learn how the fee is calculated

Below is how our fee works

Taobao Agent Fee

(Product Price + Domestic Delivery Fees to GuangZhou) x Current Rate x 1.1
* Special rate will be given for purchases above RMB1000

We are using current Forex rate from RHB Bank.
Pls check the rate here:

International Courier Fees (Air Freight)

1) China to West Malaysia

1 - 3kgs = RM14.00 per kg
4 - 10kgs = RM12.50 per kg
10kgs above = RM11.50 per kg

2) China to East Malaysia

1 - 5kgs = RM20 per kg
6 - 10kgs = RM18.50 per kg
11kgs above = RM17.50 per kg

International Courier Fees (Sea Freight)

1) China to West Malaysia

RM8.50 per kg (miminum 10kgs)

2) China to East Malaysia

RM14 per kg (minimum 10kgs)

*For large shipment, pls contact us for special rate.

Example of a calculation:

Price of a pair of Sports Shoes=RMB250
Domestic Delivery fee to GuangZhou =RMB10
Current FX rate = 0.6400

(250 + 10) x 0.6400 x 1.1 = RM183.04 (1st payment excludes the international courier fee)

The sports shoes will be weighted at our warehouse which comes up to:
Shoes Weight = 550g (calculated as 1kg)
International Courier Fee from China to WM= RM14.00 (2nd payment)

Volumetric Weight:

Air freight calculation is based on volume measured weight also known as volumetric weight. The air freight will always be charged per kilogram against the greater weight whether it is the actual or volumetric weight.
Calculations: L x W x H/6000

Extra Charge for Sensitive Items (applicable to air freight only):

RM30 / parcel (weight 1 - 10 kg)
If > 10kg, additional RM3 per kg

Sensitive Items, include:
Liquid, powder, electric product, food, medicine, cosmetic product, cream, battery, flammable item, magnet, branded, Counterfeit product, Cutter item/ Knife tool, DVD/CD, sex item, Radio Signal Transmitting Device.

!!!Please note there is a RM5 Processing Fee for Purchase below RM100.

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